Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The art of trolling and how not to fail!

4 rules to avoid being a fail troll:

1. Don’t be obvious.
2. Be creative.
3. Try to sound legit.
4. Approve people.

People think trolling is provoking a argument or being racist, elitist, doushbaggi , etc; well it’s not that simple. People are like that on the internet all the time and most of them are not trolls… Yeah really!

1. The problem is that most trolls conform to this stupid idea that all you need to do is state the obvious [Example: Calling a homosexual: “gay fag is gay”], that’s no good people know you are a troll therefore you’re comment has been disregarded. So remember kids, don’t be a obvious troll, this will automatically lead to FAIL!

2. Be creative, don’t be like “[insert contradiction ] lolololol FUCK YOU”, that’s retarded you will automatically FAIL!

The key is to be creative, avoid the obvious and think of something original to say.
Example: America vs. Europe
Fail troll: America has the greatest army, we will bomb you all! America FUCK YEAH!!!
Decent troll: I do believe that America makes the awsemest breakfast.

3. Try to sound legit! In some cases using bad grammar is a must but in some cases it hurt’s your credibility.
The more credible you are the more people will take into consideration what you say.
-Try to give details about the subject.
-Try to make you’re profile credible, invest some time in it.
-Give links that support you’re argument.
-Be polite.

4. Approve people. Yes it does work.
Sometimes a troll does not need to be the center of attention to create a shitstorm.

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