Friday, March 12, 2010

Why do trolls troll?

Well basically there are 3 reasons:

-Social interest

1. Attention

So you’re a attention whore? What is the best way to get attention without working?
It’s easy! By not feting in!
This principle can be seen in real life also.
You can’t do nothing good like play sports or study well or be funny or anything and you crave attention; what do you do? Put a conformist t-shirt on, dye you’re hair get 10 pierces and everybody will look at you. Not the best kind of attention but attention nonetheless.
Anyway, same principle.
Everybody is like: RIP; he was a good man ; may God rest he’s soul;
Fail troll: I’m glad he’s gay, he was gay!
He’s just waiting for a shitstorm of “asshole” comments, he wants attention that’s all.

2. Social inters

This smart troll wants to study people, they want to test how people react in certain conditions, see how predictable they are or how much dose it take for them to do a certain thing or act a certain way. This troll wants to prove a point it kind of like sarcasm.

3. Entropy

Some trolls just want to see stuff burn.